Hi folks! I’ve just released my second FREE Android Game called SIMON SAYS HD

Get it on Google Play

Simon Says HD is a classic memory game from the 80s. Just follow and repeat the sequence of lights and sounds for as long as you can.




– 4 difficulty levels: easy, normal, hard and extra.
– beautiful HD graphics optimized for multiple screen resolution and densities
– works well also on 7 and 10 inch tablets
– multiple themes (graphic + sounds): Classic, Gangnam Style, BMW, Hello Kitty + more to come…
– local and global leaderboards (Scoreloop) for each level

Difficulty levels:
Easy : constant pattern speed and no timeout.
Normal : pattern speed gets faster and there is 2 sec timeout.
Hard : pattern speeds get even faster and there is 1 sec timeout.
Extra : each round two notes are added to the sequence, pattern speed gets faster and there is 1 sec timeout.

Game Screenshots:

Screenshot_2013-05-05-11-47-55 Screenshot_2013-05-05-16-08-57 Screenshot_2013-05-05-15-08-33 Screenshot_2013-05-05-15-07-49 Screenshot_2013-05-05-15-07-17 Screenshot_2013-05-05-11-48-25 Screenshot_2013-05-05-11-48-16 Screenshot_2013-05-05-11-48-07

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